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UVEX Helmets: Finding the Perfect Fit

A ski helmet is the most essential item for keeping safe on the slopes – but only if it is fitted properly. The ideal fit for a helmet is snug but comfortable, and not too big that there is movement but not too small either.

Measuring Your Head

Helmet sizes are measured in centimetres which relate to the size of the circumference of the head.

  1. Using a tape measure, measure the circumference of your head, two finger widths above the eyebrows.
  2. Find a helmet corresponding to the size of your head, trying it on to ensure a comfortable fit.

Helmets should move with the head and should not move when the chin strap is fastened.

TIP:Try your helmet on with your goggles – there should be no gap between your goggles and the helmet

Adjusting Your Helmet

Helmets may need to be adjusted to fit the head more comfortably. Many of our helmets have their own adjustment systems for achieving a more comfortable fit.

Our Top Helmet Picks

Once you know what size you’re looking for, how do you know what helmet is right for you?

All of our helmets are different in terms of technology, comfort, colour and style. Safety standards require all helmets to withstand impact.

UVEX P1us 2.0 Helmet | Key Feature: Lightweight

The UVEX P1us 2.0 helmet is specially designed to be the lightest hardshell helmet on the market. 16% more robust than helmet safety standards, this lightweight helmet offers many additional safety features:

  • Reduces forces on the neck muscles
  • Shock absorbing inner shell
  • Extremely resistant outer shell

UVEX Primo Helmet | Key Feature: Comfort

The UVEX primo helmet prioritises comfort with a newly developed lining and IASfit system, an advanced adjustment system to ensure the perfect fit from every angle. The perfect helmet for looking stylish and keeping warm on the slopes, its features include:

  • Anti-allergenic liner shaped like a hood for comfort
  • Built-in ventilation system to maintain temperature
  • Ear pads for extra warmth that guarantee full sound perception

UVEX 300 Visor Helmet | Key Feature: Visor

The UVEX 300 Visor helmet has a built-in all-weather shield that ensures protection from harmful infrared rays and enhances vision in extreme light conditions. Avoid needing to attach your goggles to this helmet with the eye protection already included in the movable visor.

  • Mirrored lens
  • S3 Safety Classification
  • Gold lite lens improves contrast for better vision

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