Garment Technical Information

Branded Insulations

Primaloft Insulation Logo

PrimaLoft Insulation

For instances requiring warmth, especially in cold and wet conditions, PrimaLoft Insulation is a go-to for technical performance. The PrimaLoft proprietary treatment ensures excellent performance, superior to that of natural feather as the insulation maintains its warmth properties even in wet conditions. PrimaLoft also guarantees the highest warmth-weight ratio among all synthetic paddings, all for the benefit of freedom of movement and versatility of the garment.

3M Thinsulate Insulation Logo

3M Thinsulate Insulation

3M Thinsulate Featherless Insulation is an innovative down alternative. It looks and feels like down but has one feature that down does not – it works when wet. A minimum bulk insulation that traps body heat whilst allowing moisture to escape.

3M Thinsulate Water-Resistant Insulation

In cold and wet conditions it can be hard to find comfort – but not if you have 3M Thinsulate Water-Resistant Insulation. This insulation contains siliconized synthetic fibres that absorb less than 1% of their weight in water, guaranteeing protection from cold and water whilst keeping in heat, with a soft, luxurious feel for extra comfort.

ClimaProtect Insulation

Developed by clothing brand CMP, ClimaProtect is a special thermal laminate that sandwiches between a garment’s fabric layers. Guaranteeing superior breathability, the insulation layer protections against the elements and provides maximum comfort during any kind of outdoor activity.