SNOKART 2 Ski Roller Zoom Bag



The Snokart 2 Ski Roller Zoom Bag is ultra sturdy and well designed to carry 2 pairs of skis, poles and kit. Its new double zoom feature means that it adjusts to fit 98% of all skis currently available in the UK. Ergonomically designed to maximise storage and minimise inconvenience, this bag represents the latest design ideas and innovation to make your journey to the slopes as easy as possible. With large easy roll wheels to cope with snowy pavements, it is waterproof, padded and has easy to carry shoulder straps that can be zipped away for airport handling. Although perfect for travelling solo, as you can easily fit in your kit and boots in this deceptively roomy bag, it is also great for couples or mates travelling together and sharing a single ski bag to save on airline costs.

Size:  165cm (extending to 185cm and 205cm) x 27cm x 18cm

Weight: 2.96kg

  • Large Easy Roll Wheels
  • Lockable Zips
  • Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Carries skis 160cm - 205cm
  • Easy Grab Handles
  • Waterproof