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Hestra Gloves: Finding Your Size

Finding the perfect fit in gloves is essential for ensuring your hands keep warm on the slopes. Two things to consider when measuring your hand for a glove are the circumference of your hand and the length of it.

Follow our guide below to help you find the perfect fit.

Measuring Your Hand

In order to find your glove size you need to measure the length of your hand and the circumference of your hand.

Measuring the Circumference

To measure the circumference of your hand use a tape measure 20mm above the thumb and measure in mm.

Measuring the Length

To measure the length of your hand measure the distance between your wrist and the tip of your middle finger.

Finding Your Size

Glove sizes are based on average hand dimensions in mm. To find the perfect glove for you, you need to find the glove size that corresponds to the size of your hand in mm.


Size 6
Circumference: 152mm  |  Length: 160mm

Size 7
Circumference: 178mm  |  Length: 171mm

Size 8
Circumference: 203mm  |  Length: 182mm

Size 9
Circumference: 229mm  |  Length: 192mm

Size 10
Circumference: 254mm  |  Length: 204mm

Size 11
Circumference: 279mm  |  Length: 215mm

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