Ski & Snowboard Checklist

A little memory jogger with our compliments. We have put together this checklist from our own ski trip experiences and hope you find it useful.

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Ski and board clothing
Ski Jacket & Legs or Ski Suit 
Midlayer thermal-fleeces - Roll or Zip neck tops - (we suggest 3) 
Thermal Underwear 
Ski Gloves - ESSENTIAL! 
Ski Socks (we suggest 3) 
Ski Hat 
Suncream /Lipbalm 
Goggles and Sunglasses (a spec retainer is also very useful) 
Snow Boots 
Ski Clip (holds skis together and useful to identify hire skis with a unique mark) 
Ski Pass Holder 
Bum Bag or Small Rucksack 
Helmet (especially for children) 
Necker - not essential but so useful extra for warmth 
Ski equipment, skis, poles, board, boots unless hiring 
Travel documents, etc
Passport-sized photos for lift pass 
Travel/holiday itinerary details 
Currency and travellers Cheques 
Credit Cards 
Insurance documents and EHIC form for EU countries 
Address Book 
Indoor evening clothes (note: chalets/hotels can be hot!) 
Swimming gear - resort may have a swimming pool 
Personal First Aid, Plasters, Antiseptic Cream, Hangover cure! 
Arnica (Cream useful to reduce bruising) Heat Rub 
Shampoo, Shower Gel, Toothpaste, Tissues etc. 
Nail Scissors 
Cancel Milk/Papers - put the cat out!