Prepare For Your Ski Trip

Get ski fit

It is easy to forget just how physical a whole day's skiing can be. Even with a lengthy lunch stop during an average day on the slopes will you will undertake 4 and 6 hours of sustained physical activity. Of course the ski lifts give you a chance to recover, but the higher the altitude the longer that will take. Skiing hard works you at an intensity that can only be sustained for a couple of minutes before the legs start to burn with the build up of lactic acid.

If you really want to ski longer, harder and safer next winter, you will need to prepare for the holiday at least 4-6 weeks beforehand. Concentrate your training efforts on building up stamina and endurance, balance and co-ordination, flexibility and specifically your leg muscles. Your local gym trainer should be able to put together a specific ski training program for you.

Take lessons on an artificial slope before the holiday

Get to the grips with the basics by taking some lessons on one of the many artificial ski slopes in the UK. Although skiing and riding on artificial surfaces cannot replicate the thrills of naturally created real snow, artificial slopes are a very valuable learning tool.

Another bonus is that skiing or riding on snow will seem easier and friendlier when you come to it. For your visit wear old trousers, a waterproof jacket, thick socks and importantly a tough pair of gloves. Check out the Ski Club of Great Britain website for venues local to you:

Checklist - what you need to take with you

Print off our checklist to establish what you will need for your holiday. Remember, if you are a first-timer, you can hire your outerwear from Love and Piste. Read the technical information to help you to decide what type of skiwear you will need to make your skiing experience warm, comfortable, safe and, of course, thrilling fun.