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Holiday Prep: Getting Ski Fit

Going away and dreading the achy legs and tiredness after a long day’s skiing? We’ve got the answer for you – before your holiday focus on a few key exercises to help you get ski fit! It will make all the difference to you enjoying your holiday.

Skiing or snowboarding uses different muscles to your average sports, such as running or cycling, and the high altitude in the mountains also plays a factor to your ski fitness. Strengthening the muscles that you’ll be using also improves your performance and minimises the likelihood of injury and falls – and means you will be able to get out of bed in the morning so much easier!

Follow these simple exercises regularly for 4-6 weeks before your trip and enjoy your ski holiday with less of the usual aches and pains!

1. Do Some Cardio

A full day skiing requires a lot of stamina and fitness. The first step to help you ski longer on the slopes is to do some cardio. Anything from running to spin classes to interval training – whatever you choose be consistent with your training to improve your fitness for the trip.

Even light exercise such as choosing to take the stairs or walking instead of driving a short trip will improve your stamina in preparation for your holiday.

2. Work Your Legs

Undoubtedly the muscles you use the most while skiing are your leg muscles, so it makes sense to strengthen these muscles, particularly the thighs.

Lunges, squats and hamstring stretches are some of the more important exercises to focus on.

Try wall squats, gradually building up the length of time you do it for. Get into a sitting position against a flat wall and stay there for as long as you can physically manage. The first time may only be a few seconds, but aim to increase this each day until you may be able to hold this position for several minutes!

3. Build a Strong Core

As well as building your stamina and strengthening your legs, having a strong core is also important to prepare for your ski holiday.

Your core provides the foundation for a fit body. Whilst skiing, your core is used more than you would think, especially when it comes to turning or tackling those black run moguls.

Try core exercises every day such as the plank or crunches to gradually build your core before the trip to enjoy the benefits whilst you’re there.

Watch the video below from Nuffield Health for some more tips on getting ski fit before your holiday.