Hestra Gloves: Our Top Tips for Happy Hands

Your hands and feet are the first body parts to suffer in the cold so it is vital that they have extra protection in the mountains. The right pair of gloves is the perfect solution to keeping your hands warm, but only when the correct care is taken to look after your gloves.

Below are a few of our top tips for looking after your Hestra gloves and ensuring that your hands are fully protected on the slopes.

Making Your Gloves Last

Hestra gloves are designed to be a long-lasting companion on the slopes but only if the correct care is taken to protect their durability.

1. Regularly Grease

Using a polishing cloth to grease your gloves will reduce the likelihood of wear and tear damage, and ensure that the gloves better resist moisture.

The Hestra leather balm is the perfect product for this, available in our clean and protect section on the website (http://www.loveandpiste.co.uk/product/hestra-leather-balm/).

2. Be Careful with Your Skis

The most common cause of wear and tear to gloves is the edge of your skis and boots. Take extra care when carrying your skis to ensure that you don’t damage your gloves.

3. Avoid Regularly Washing Leather Gloves

To ensure long-lasting wear with your leather gloves avoid frequently washing them, and only hand wash them with soap and lukewarm water. Avoid twisting the gloves to squeeze the water out.

4. Wash Removable Liners

Liners are important for ensuring breathability so make sure to wash your liner regularly to unclog the fibres and pores from any dirt. The liners are designed to be easily removable.

5. Dry Gloves at Room Temperature

When your gloves get wet or have been washed avoid using tumble dryers, open flames or ovens to dry them. Instead dry them in an upright position at room temperature.

Hestra's Layering System

Hestra’s glove system follows a layer-on-layer principle, based on the idea that wearing layers of gloves regulates temperature according to weather conditions and activity level for optimum comfort and warmth.

  • Glove Liner
  • Base Glove  (worn most frequently)
  • Shell Glove  (must be generous in size)

Why does the layering system matter?

Wearing the base liner alone increases heat by up to 20%. The liner also encourages moisture to be quickly wicked away from the skin for increased comfort.

Whilst the base glove provides protection from the cold in normal conditions, using the layering system ensures protection from  bitter cold and wet conditions. Combining both a liner and a shell glove with your base glove increases insulation by up to 50% for improved protection from the elements, and better insulation.

TOP TIP: removable liners make it easier to regulate body temperature

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