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Face Masks

Over the last 4 months we have all become used to seeing people covering their faces as they go about their daily lives with restrictions in place. This has made us feel safer and more protected in the world of Covid-19.

Now it has become compulsory to wear a face mask in enclosed spaces like shops/public transport, although a lot of people feel happier and safer wearing them for all activities outside of their own home, particularly if they are vulnerable. This is a sight that is now so commonplace it almost feels normal, and we never thought we would be saying that!

Product Information

BUFF have designed a range of face masks with replacement filters that provide excellent protection with 98% filtration efficiency, good breathability and adjustable straps making them more comfortable to wear reducing the pressure around the ears. They provide a physical barrier to reduce the spread of larger droplets resulting from talking/coughing by the wearer and help to limit touching of the mouth and nose.

The BUFF face masks are washable and it is advised to wash them at 60 degrees for maximum protection, although a gentler wash at 30 degrees will prolong its life. The filters are inserted easily into the mask, and each mask is provided with 5 filters designed to be worn for a maximum of 24 hours at one time, depending on the intensity of use and environment conditions. Replacement filters are available in packs of 30.

The filters can be removed easily from the pocket inside the mask and should be disposed of safely, ideally placed in an airtight bag to avoid contamination and can then be thrown away at a plastics recycling container.

Alliance with UNICEF

Buff have established a corporate alliance with UNICEF and will donate 2% of their product sales to UNICEF projects helping to fight against Covid-19 in the most vulnerable countries. One of these projects allows UNICEF to work with health experts promoting facts over fear bringing trustworthy guidance to caregivers and parents to help keep children and their families healthy and protected from sickness and violence. In addition they are providing support in fighting Covid-19 in Syria and Senegal.


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