CMP: A Guide to ‘Feel Warm’ Insulation

CMP have developed ‘Feel Warm’ technical insulation for their garments, thermal padding designed to ensure uniform warmth in cold weather.

5 different variations of ‘Feel Warm’ padding exist, all designed to be soft, breathable and lightweight for maximum freedom of movement, ideal for keeping warm during outdoor activity & snow sports.

Feel Warm Flat

Perfect for cold or wet conditions, Feel Warm Flat is layered synthetic padding with synthetic fibres to ensure protection from the elements, even when wet. The minimum bulk of the padding allows flexibility of movement. 

Feel Warm Flock

The flock structure of the synthetic manmade-fibre Feel Warm Flock padding guarantees warmth, breathability and resistance to water. An eco-friendly alternative to goose down, Feel Warm Flock is compact to allow maximum freedom of movement for outdoor activity.

Feel Warm Down

Perfect for maximum warmth, Feel Warm Down is made from natural goose down padding that has excellent heat insulating properties. Ethically sourced, the down padding is ultra-light, compact and breathable ensuring thermal insulation for activewear.

Feel Warm Seamless Down

With similar padding to the Feel Warm Down padding, the Feel Warm Seamless Down guarantees thermal insulation whilst ensuring that no feathers are able to escape. Leaks are also prevented.

Feel Warm Recyled Flock

An eco-friendly alternative to Feel Warm Flock, Feel Warm Recycled Flock padding is made from recycled material. The flock structure of the padding is similar to Feel Warm Flock to ensure the same quality of warmth, breathability and water resistance.